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<includeonly>В гостях у П. И. Чайковского,</includeonly><noinclude> {{bibitem  |id=1958/10  |Contributors=Brusianin, V. (author) |Title=В гостях у П. И. Чайковского, |In=Смена [Moscow]  |Edition=6 July 1958 |Imprint=1958   |Format=Article |Language=Russian    }}  [[Category:Bibliography (1958)]]  {{DEFAULTSORT:Bibliography (1958/010)}}</noinclude>
<includeonly>В гостях у П. И. Чайковского</includeonly><noinclude> {{bibitem  |id=1958/10  |Contributors=Brusyanin, Vadim Olegovich, 1932-2016 (author) |Title=В гостях у П. И. Чайковского |In=Смена [Moscow]  |Edition=6 July 1958 |Imprint=1958 |Notes="Visiting P. I. Tchaikovsky" (at Klin)  |Format=Article |Language=Russian    }}  [[Category:Bibliography (1958)]]  {{DEFAULTSORT:Bibliography (1958/010)}}</noinclude>

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ContributorsBrusyanin, Vadim Olegovich, 1932-2016 (author)
TitleВ гостях у П. И. Чайковского
InСмена [Moscow]
Edition6 July 1958
Notes"Visiting P. I. Tchaikovsky" (at Klin)