The Voyevoda (melodrama): Recordings

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This list of recordings of Tchaikovsky's melodrama for the play The Voyevoda (TH 22) does not claim to be exhaustive, but the following information is given, where known:

  • Names of solo performers, with their instruments or stage roles given in parentheses.
  • The name of the conductor of the orchestra or chorus.
  • The names of the orchestras, choruses or chamber ensembles performing on the recording. These have been standardised according to our List of Orchestras.
  • The date and place of the recording. "Live" indicates a public performance.
  • The format of the recording, whether this is a compact disc (CD), super audio compact disc (SACD), laser disc (LD), digital video disc (DVD), blu-ray disc (BR), digital download (DL) or vinyl record. The number 33, 45 or 78 indicates the playback speed of a vinyl record, followed by its size in inches, e.g. "33 (12")" would indicate a standard long-playing record. Performances on cassette or VHS tapes are not included in this discography.
  • The name of the record label (in italics), followed by the catalogue number of the disk.
  • The year that the recording was released (which may be years or decades after the original recording was made).
  • If only part of a work is available in a recording, the relevant sections or movements are indicated.

The symbol [*] indicates that a name is known or suspected to be a pseudonym for recording purposes. The true artists' names are given where these have been established.

No endorsement or criticism by the editors of this website should be inferred from the inclusion or omission of any recording from this listing. However, additions and corrections are welcome, and maybe sent to us at


Kovalyov, Aleksey (conductor) / Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
Glumov, Aleksandr (narrator)
Recorded 1949. With spoken dialogue.

  • 33 (12") — Melodiya Д 015995-6 [1965]
  • 33 (12") — Melodiya С 10 15519/22 [1981]

Ovchinnikov, Vyacheslav (conductor) / Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra
Recorded 1979.

  • 33 (12") — Melodiya С 10 18335 004 [1982]