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The Tchaikovsky Handbook ("TH") was compiled by Alexander Poznansky and Brett Langston, and published in 2002 by Indiana University Press. It consists of two volumes, and includes the first English-language thematic catalogue of the composer's works.

  • Volume 1 (636 pages, ISBN 0253339219) comprises a complete catalogue of Tchaikovsky's musical works (with incipits) and writings, a catalogue of all known photographs of the composer, and the first English-language publication of Tchaikovsky's 'Autobiography', which first appeared in a German newspaper in 1889.
  • Volume 2 (832 pages, ISBN 0253339472) contains a catalogue of all known letters written by the composer (totalling more than 5,000), genealogies of the Tchaikovsky, Assier, Davydov and Von Meck families, and a bibliography of over 5,700 books and articles written about the composer and his works.