Andrey Tchaikovsky

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Naval officer, and cousin of the composer (b. 1841; d. 1920), born Andrey Petrovich Chaykovsky (Андрей Петрович Чайковский).

Andrey was the seventh child of the composer's uncle Pyotr Petrovich Tchaikovsky (1789–1871) and his wife Yevdokiya (b. Berens). He followed in his father's footsteps with a military career, and in 1893 he commisioned the composer to write a Military March for the 98th Yurevsky Infantry Regiment, of which he was the commander.

Andrey married Mariya Mikhaylovna Veber (1851–1930), and the couple had five children: Natalya (1876–1966); Yelizaveta (1877–1967); Yekaterina (1879–1968); Pyotr (1880––1950); Olga (1881–1902) and Andrey (1885–1962).


Tchaikovsky's Military March, TH 150 (1893) was dedicated to the 98th Yurevsky Infantry Regiment, commanded by Andrey Tchaikovsky.

Correspondence with Andrey Tchaikovsky

3 letters from Tchaikovsky to his cousin Andrey have survived, dating from 1893, all of which have been translated into English on this website:

2 letters from Andrey Tchaikovsky to the composer, dating from 1893, are preserved in the Klin House-Museum Archive.