Bibliography (1894/26)

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ContributorsTchaikovskaya, Antonina Ivanovna, 1848-1917 (author)
TitleИз воспоминаний вдовы П. И. Чайковского
InПетербургская газета [Saint Petersburg]
Edition3 April 1894 [O.S.]
Notes"From the recollections of P. I. Tchaikovsky's widow"
Related ItemsReprinted as Воспоминания вдовы П. И. Чайковского (1913)
Reprinted as Воспоминания А. И. Чайковского (1994)
TranslationsEnglish translation as Antonina Tchaikovskaya (1999)
German translation as Sich selbste nannte er eine Mischung aus Kind und Greis (1994)