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ContributorsKearney, Leslie (editor)
TitleTchaikovsky and his world
PublishedPrinceton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 1998
Extentxiii, 369 p. ; illus.
Standard No.ISBN 0691004293 (hbk) ; ISBN 0691004307 (pbk)
SeriesBard Music Festival Series
ContentsTchaikovsky. A life reconsidered (p. 5-54) — Unknown Tchaikovsky. A reconstruction of previously censored letters to his brothers (1875-1879) (p. 55-96) — Music as the language of psychological realism. Tchaikovsky and Russian art (p. 99-144) — Lines of succession. Three productions of Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty (p. 145-162) — Per aspera ad astra. Symphonic tradition in Tchaikovsky's First Suite for orchestra (p. 163-196) — An Examination of problem history in Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony (p. 197-215) — Tchaikovsky's Tatiana (p. 216-219) — On the role of Gremin. Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin (p. 220-233) — Nikolay Kashkin's review of The Maid of Orleans (p. 234-238) — Tchaikovsky androgyne. The Maid of Orleans (p. 239-276) — The Coronation of Alexander III (p. 277-299) — Tchaikovsky, Chekhov and the Russian elegy (p. 300-318) — Tchaikovsky and the Russian Silver Age (p. 319-330) — A Documentary glance at Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov as music theorists (p. 333-352)
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