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Tchaikovsky's home at Frolovskoye, July 1890

Frolovskoye, also known as Frolovskoe (Фроловское) is a village in the Klin district (Клинский район) of Moscow oblast (Московская область) in the Russian Federation, around 6 kilometres south-east of the town of Klin. During the composer's lifetime it formed part of the Klin district (Клинский уезд) in the Moscow province (Московская губерния) of the Russian Empire.

Tchaikovsky at Frolovskoye

Tchaikovsky rented a house at Frolovskoye from L. A. Lanina between 23 April/5 May 1888 and 1/13 March 1891 (which has not survived to the present day). Here the composer worked on some of his most famous compositions, including the Symphony No. 5 (1888), the overture-fantasia Hamlet (1888), the Six French Songs, Op. 65 (1888), the orchestration of the Overture-Fantasia by Herman Laroche (1888), the ballet The Sleeping Beauty (1888–89), the opera The Queen of Spades (1890), and the incidental music to Hamlet (1891).

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