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Grankino (Гранкино) was a country estate in the Novomoskovsk district (Новомосковский уезд) in the Yekaterinoslav province (Екатеринославская губерния) of the Russian Empire.

The estate no longer exists, but its area now forms part of the village of Oleksandrivka (Олександрівка) in the Zachepilovka district (Зачепиловский район) and Kharkiv oblast (Харьковская область) of Ukraine.

Tchaikovsky at Grankino

Tchaikovsky stayed several times with his brother Modest and Modest's pupil Nikolay Konradi on the latter's family estate at Grankino.

From Until Notes
24 September/6 October 1879 29 September/11 October 1879 The composer's first visit, travelling from Moscow to Kamenka.
6/18 June 1882 24 July/5 August 1882 On this occasion he completed one act of the opera Mazepa.
11/23 June 1884 20 July/1 August 1884 Orchestrating the Suite No. 3.
8/20 August 1890 14/26 August 1890 Travelling with his brother Modest to see Nikolay Konradi.
18/30 June 1893 4/16 July 1893 As well as working on the proofs of the Eighteen Pieces, Op. 72 for piano, and the Six Romances, Op. 73, during this visit Tchaikovsky worked on the drafts of the Symphony No. 6, and Piano Concerto No. 3.


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