Letter 34

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Date 13/25 September 1851
Addressed to Aleksandra Tchaikovskaya
Where written Saint Petersburg
Language Russian
Autograph Location Klin (Russia): Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve (a17, No. 16)
Publication П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том V (1959), p. 37
Notes Postscript to a letter from Ilya Tchaikovsky

Text and Translation

Russian text
English translation
By Brett Langston
Целую ваши ручки моя прекрасная Мамашинка. Я с Папашичкой веселюсь. Прошу вашего благословления.
Пётр Чайковский

I kiss your little hands my beautiful Mamashinka. I'm having fun with Papashichka [1]. I ask for your blessing.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Notes and References

  1. In September Ilya Tchaikovsky had come to Saint Petersburg from Alapayevsk in order to visit his sons Pyotr and Nikolay, who were attending boarding-schools in the imperial capital. Ilya spent about three weeks with his sons before returning to the Urals.