Letter 4796

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Date 4/16 November 1892
Addressed to Růžena Vykoukalová-Bradáčová
Where written Saint Petersburg
Language French
Autograph Location unknown [1]
Publication Чайковский и зарубежные музыканты (1970), p. 178
П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том XVI-Б (1979), p. 187

Text and Translation

French text
English translation
By Brett Langston
4/16 Nov[embre] [18]92


Je m'empresse de satisfaire Votre désir. Veuillez, je Vous en prie, m'envoyer, s'il y en a un, Votre portrait dans le rôle de la Comtesse, que Vous avez si brillament créé à Prague!

Votre tout dévoué,

P. Tschaïkovsky

4/16 November 1892


I hasten to fulfil your request [2]. Please, I beg you to send me, if there is one, your portrait in the role of the Countess, which you created so brilliantly in Prague [3]!

Your ever devoted,

P. Tchaikovsky

Notes and References

  1. The autograph was auctioned in 1971 by J. A. Stargardt, Marburg.
  2. Tchaikovsky was replying to a letter from Růžena Vykoukalová-Bradáčová that has been lost.
  3. On 30 September/12 October 1892 Tchaikovsky had conducted the Czech premiere of his opera The Queen of Spades at the National Theatre in Prague, with Vykoukalová-Bradáčová in the role of the Countess. The singer replied on 26 January/7 February 1893 with the requested photograph.