Mojmir Urbánek

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Czech music publisher (b. 6 May 1873 [N.S.] in Prague; d. 29 September 1919 in Prague).

The son of the music publisher František Augustin Urbánek (1842–1919), Mojmir served an apprenticeship in his father's firm, and gained experience in Germany, France, England, and the United States, before founding his own publishing house in Prague in 1900, which specialised in works by Foerster, Novák, Suk, Říhovský and Janáček. After his death, this was taken over by his widow Iška Urbánková, and then in 1925 by his son (also called Mojmír). The company was nationalised by the Czechoslovak government in 1949.

In 1892, Urbánek commissioned the piano piece Moment lyrique (TH 149) from Tchaikovsky, which was published in Prague by his father's firm.

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

2 letters from Tchaikovsky to Mojmir Urbánek have survived, dating from 1892, both of which have been translated into English on this website:

2 letters from Urbánek to Tchaikovsky, dating from 1888 and 1892, are preserved in the Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve at Klin (a4, Nos. 4473–4474).

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