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Klin (Клин) is a town and administrative centre of the Klin district (Клинский район) of Moscow oblast (Московская область) in the Russian Federation.

During the composer's lifetime it formed part of the Klin district (Клинский уезд) in the Moscow province (Московская губерния) of the Russian Empire.

Tchaikovsky at Klin

Tchaikovsky rented a spacious two-storey house at Klin from V. S. Sakharov from May 1892 until his death in October 1893, having previously rented accommodation in the nearby villages of Frolovskoye and Maydanovo. After the composer's death, the house was purchased by Modest Tchaikovsky and Aleksey Sofronov, and converted into a commemorative museum.

Concert commitments and other engagements frequently took the composer away from Klin, but he still did a great deal of work while he was in residence:

From Until Notes
5/17 May 1892 16/28 May 1892 Correcting and revising his Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem for publication.
20 May/1 June 1892 27 May/8 June 1892 Starting work on the Symphony in E-flat major (which was later abandoned).
11/23 July 1892 30 August/11 September 1892 Correcting the proofs of The Nutcracker and Iolanta, interspersed with brief visits to Moscow.
7/19 October 1892 14/26 October 1892 After returning from a conducting tour, he did further work on the Symphony in E-flat major, before leaving for Moscow.
18/30 October 1892 26 October/7 November 1892 After eight days back home, he left for Saint Petersburg, and then another foreign tour.
3/15 February 1893 11/23 February 1893 Beginning work on his Symphony No. 6, which he later called the Pathétique.
16/28 February 1893 25 February/9 March 1893 Continuing work on the Symphony No. 6, after a conducting engagement in Moscow.
27 February/11 March 1893 4/16 March 1893 Further work on the Symphony No. 6, before leaving for more concerts in Moscow and Kharkov.
18/30 March 1893 24 March/5 April 1893 He completed the draft of the Symphony No. 6, and on the same day (24 March/5 April) began the Military March for his cousin Andrey Tchaikovsky.
5/17 April 1893 22 April/4 May 1893 Starting and completing the composition of the Eighteen Pieces, Op. 72 for piano.
2/14 May 1893 5/17 May 1893 In just four days Tchaikovsky completed the Six Romances, Op. 73, wrote the quartet Night (based on music by Mozart), and wrote a trio for the Military March.
18/30 July 1893 20 August/1 September 1893 Returning after another foreign tour, he immediately took up the orchestration of the Symphony No. 6, completing this on 12/24 August.
25 September/7 October 1893 7/19 October 1893 Working on the Piano Concerto No. 3, which was based on three movements of the discarded Symphony in E-flat major. He left Klin for the last time on the evening of 7/19 October, bound for Moscow.


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