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The project of the Academic Edition of Tchaikovsky's Complete Works (Академическое полное собрание сочинений) was launched in 2013 by the State Institute of Arts Studies and the P. I. Tchaikovsky State House-Museum [1], as part of a programme devoted to the composer's 175th anniversary.

The new edition is based on the results of both Russian and international Tchaikovsky scholarship of the late 19th and 20th centuries; it takes into account also contemporary knowledge and ideas formed by the beginning of the 21st century, especially in the field of musical sources and textural studies. The edition is primarily intended for performers, teachers and students, as well as for Tchaikovsky scholars. Its aim is to present the composer's enormous legacy (both musical and literary) as it is known today, as exhaustively as possible.

The project's task is to reproduce the texts of Tchaikovsky's works (both musical and literary) with maximum accuracy and authenticity on the basis of the principal sources reflecting the composer's ideas in every detail. It will include unfinished works, whose sketches and drafts are extant, and in some cases posthumous reconstructions of works by others [2].

The publishers are Music Production International (MPI) in Chelyabinsk, Russia, and (from 2018) Schott in Mainz, Germany [3].

Musical Works

Including full scores, and piano reductions made by Tchaikovsky himself or authorised by him.

Series I: Stage Works

Operas, ballets, music for dramatic performances.

Vol. 3. Edited by Aleksandra Maksimova (2016). 217 pages. ISBN 978-5-9628-0208-4.

  • Undina. Reconstruction of surviving fragments : Full score and vocal-piano reduction.

Series II: Works for Orchestra

Symphonies, suites, overtures, fantasias, etc.

Series III: Concertos and Concert Pieces

Vol. 1. Edited by Polina Vaidman and Ada Aynbinder (2015). cliii, 219 pages. ISBN 9785962802022.

Vol. 2. Edited by Polina Vaidman and Ada Aynbinder (2015). cliii, 145 pages. ISBN 9785962802039.

Vol. 3. Edited by Polina Vaidman and Ada Aynbinder (2015). cliii, 219 pages. ISBN 9785962802046.

Vol. 4. Edited by Polina Vaidman and Ada Aynbinder (2015). cliii, 145 pages. ISBN 9785962802053.

Vol. 5. Edited by Polina Vaidman and Ada Aynbinder (2019). lxxxiv, 191 pages. ISBN 9783795715649.

Vol. 6. Edited by Polina Vaidman and Ada Aynbinder (2019). xl, 165 pages. ISBN 9783795715656.

Series IV: Cantatas and Choruses

On secular texts.

Vol. 1. Edited by Tamara Skvirskaya (2016).

Series V: Sacred Works

Vol. 1. Edited by Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev (2015). 217 pages. ISBN 978-5-9628-0206-0.

Series VI: Works for Instrumental Ensembles

Series VII: Works and Transcriptions for Piano

Series VIII: Works for Violin and Piano

Series IX: Arrangements and Editions of Russian Folk Songs

Series X: Instrumentations of Other Composers' Works

Series XI: Romances and Songs

Duets, vocal ensembles, musical album leaves and musical letters.

Series XII: Student Works

Original compositions, and instrumentations of other composers' works.

Literary Works

Series XIII: Music Theory

Writings and pedagogical legacy.

Series XIV: Music Criticism

Essays, open letters to newspapers and journals, speeches, interviews.

Series XV: Translation

Translations of treatises and other texts by western European authors, and of literary texts for musical works.

Series XVI: Poems

Including poetic texts for his own romances and choruses.

Series XVII: Diaries, Notebooks, Letters, Correspondence

Series XVIII: Tchaikovsky Encyclopedia and Indexes

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Notes and References

  1. Now known as the Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve.
  2. Information taken from the English preface to Академическое полное собрание сочинений П. И.Чайковского, серия III, том 1 (2015), cv-cxi.
  3. On 7 June 2018, Schott announced that the Academic Edition of the Complete Works would be "the legitimate successor to the previous endeavours for the publication of the complete works of P. I. Tchaikovsky and the project of the New Complete Edition initiated by Schott Music in 1993", and that as from 2018 they would become the international distributors for the Academic Edition in collaboration with MPI Music Production International in Chelyabinsk [1]. However, as of September 2003, Schott's involvement with the project appears to have been suspended.