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Anatoly Tchaikovsky (1850-1915)

Jurist, administrator, and younger brother of the composer (b. 1/13 May 1850 in Alapayevsk; d. 20 January/2 February 1915 in Saint Petersburg), born Anatoly Ilyich Chaykovsky (Анатолий Ильич Чайковский); known affectionately by the composer as "Tolya" (Толя).

Anatoly was the fifth child of Ilya Tchaikovsky (1795–1880) and his wife Aleksandra (b. Assier, 1812–1854), and twin brother of Modest Tchaikovsky (1850–1916). After graduating from the Imperial School of Jurisprudence in Saint Petersburg in 1869, he pursued a successful legal career in Kiev, Minsk, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Tiflis.

He married Praskovya Konshina (1864–1956) in 1882, and their only child — Tatyana (1883–1970) — was born the following year.

In 1885, Anatoly Tchaikovsky was appointed state prosecutor in Tiflis, and was quickly promoted to deputy governor. In the 1890s he also served in Reval and Nizhny Novgorod, before returning to Saint Petersburg in 1897. He died there on 20 January/2 February 1915, and is buried at the Nikolskoye Cemetery at the city's Aleksandr Nevsky Monastery.


In 1878, Tchaikovsky dedicated his Six Romances, Op. 38 to his brother Anatoly.

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