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Baltimore is a seaport and the largest city in the state of Maryland in the United States.

Tchaikovsky in Baltimore

Tchaikovsky stayed in the city from 3/15 May to 4/16 May 1891, as part of his American tour. "Baltimore is a very pretty and clean city. The houses are not large, and all have red-coloured bricks with white marble staircases at their front entrances. Before anything else we went to Knabe's [piano] works and inspected every detail of his enormous piano factory... From there we travelled to the central square, with a wonderful view of the harbour and the city. Thence to the Peabody Institute. This enormous, handsome house was built with the money of the tycoon Peabody. It consists of: an enormous library, open to everyone; a gallery of paintings and sculpture (exceptionally poor and wretched, but that does not prevent Baltimorians from taking pride in it), and the Conservatory. The exterior of the latter is marvellous" [1].

On 3/15 May, Tchaikovsky conducted a concert at the Lyceum Theatre, where he conducted his own Serenade for String Orchestra and Piano Concerto No. 1 (with soloist Adele aus der Ohe). "Everything went off satisfactorily, but I did not notice any particular enthusiasm in the audience, at least compared with New York" [2].


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