Bibliography (1898/5)

Tchaikovsky Research
ContributorsBessel, Vasily Vasilyevich, 1843-1907 (author)
TitleМой воспоминания о Чайковском
InЕжегодник Императорских театорв, сезон 1896-1897 гг [Saint Petersburg]
PartVol. 7 (supplement), Book 1
EditionMarch 1898
Extentp. 19-43
NotesRecollections of the composer from his studies at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory in 1862 up to the premiere of the Symphony No. 6 in 1893. Includes 12 letters from Tchaikovsky to Vasily Bessel
Related ItemsReprinted as Из моих воспоминаний о П. И. Чайковском (1898)
Abridged reprint as Из моих воспоминаний о П. И. Чайковском (1962)
TranslationsAbridged English translation as Vasily Bessel (1999)
Abridged German translation as Die Moskauer Verlagsfirma war stärker als wir (1994)