Bibliography (1923/23)

Tchaikovsky Research
ContributorsTchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich, 1840-1893 (author)
Tchaikovsky, Ippolit Ilyich, 1843-1927 (editor)
TitleДневники П. И. Чайковского (1873-1891)
PublishedMoscow ; Petrograd : Госиздат-Музсектор, 1923
Extentxii, 294 p. ; music
NotesThe composer's diaries (1873-1891), as edited by his brother Ippolit. Includes a foreword by Sergey Chemodanov and notes by Nikolay Zhegin. The text is in pre-revolutionary Cyrillic orthography
Related ItemsRevised reprint as Дневники П. И. Чайковского (1873-1891) (1993)
Revised reprint as П. И. Чайковский. Дневники (2000)
TranslationsEnglish translation as The Diaries of Tchaikovsky (1945)
German translation as P. I. Tschaikowsky. Die Tagebücher (1992)
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Die Tagebücher Tschaikowskys (1925)
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Aus Zeichnungen eines Musikers. Von P. Tschaikowsky aus Tagesbüchern (1927)