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The following is a list of 15 notable books, articles and academic papers about Tchaikovsky which were published in the year 1932. Click on a title to display more information.

Contributor Title Format Language
Anderson, M. (author) Adagio from Tschaikowsky's Pathetic symphony as a piano study piece Article English
Blom, V. (author) Так тоже нельзя Article Russian
Botstiber, Hugo, 1875-1941 (author) Peter Tschaikowsky Article German
Bouquet, R. (author) Les Maîtres de la musique russe. Tchaikovsky Article French
Carse, Adam, 1878-1958 (author)
Ivanov-Boretsky, Mikhail Vladimirovich, 1874-1936 (editor)
Ferman, Valentin Eduardovich, 1896-1948 (translator)
Lenivtsev, Ye. P. (translator)
Период Брамса и Чайковского Article Russian
Downes, Olin, 1886-1955 (author) Tchaikovsky. Symphony No. 4 Article English
Gabovich, M. (author) О кадрах и Щелкунчике Article Russian
Hol, R. (author) The Unknown Tchaikovsky Article English
Jankovsky, Moisei, 1898-1972 (author) Пушкин или Тургенев Article Russian
Lunacharsky, Anatoly Vasiliyevich, 1875-1933 (author) Чайковский, Пётр Ильич Article Russian
Navratil, Constance (author) The Immortal beloved who guided Tchaikovsky's music Article English
Sonneman, K. (author) Die Goldenen Schuhe Article German
Tchaikovsky, Modest Ilyich, 1850-1916 (author)
Ashkinazi, Mikhail Osipovich, 1851-1914 (translator)
La Dame de Pique. Roman lyrique en trois actes et sept tableaux, d'aprés A. Pouchkine et M. Tschaïkowsky. Musique de P. Tschaikowsky, Op. 68 Book French
Евгений Онегин Book Russian
Щелкунчик. Балет П. И. Чайковского Book Russian