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The following is a list of 34 notable books, articles and academic papers about Tchaikovsky which were published in the year 1947. Click on a title to display more information.

Contributor Title Format Language
Alshvang, Arnold Aleksandrovich, 1898-1960 (author) Chamber music Article English
Asafyev, Boris Vladimirovich, 1884-1949 (author) The Great Russian composer Article English
Asafyev, Boris Vladimirovich, 1884-1949 (author) Чародейка. Опера П. И. Чайковского. Опыт раскрытия интонационного содержания Book Russian
Beaumont, Cyril Williams, 1891-1976 (author)
Sedgwick, Russell (photographer)
The Swan Lake as presented by the Sadler's Wells Ballet Book English
Beyer, W. (author) State of the theater. Music in my heart Article English
Davydova, Kseniya Yuryevna, 1905-1992 (author) The Archives of the Tchaikovsky museum Article English
Dyshevskaya, Vera Anatolyevna (author)
Golovskaya, Klavdiya Vasilyevna (author)
П. И. Чайковский. Методическая разработка для учителей музыки и руководителей кружков средней школы Book Russian
Goddard, Scott (author) The Enigma of Tchaikovsky Article English
Hofmann, Michel Rostislav, 1915- (author) Tchaïkovsky Book French
Kazansky, N. V. (author)
Kiselev, Vasily Aleksandrovich, 1902- (author)
П. И. Чайковский. Жизнь и творчество Book Russian
Keldysh, Yury Vsevolodovich, 1907-1995 (author) Tchaikovsky. The man and his outlook Article English
Kiselev, Vasily Aleksandrovich, 1902- (author) Письма Едварда Грига к Чайковскому Article Russian
Krasovskaya, Vera Mikhaylovna, 1915-1999 (author) Щелкунчик, возобновление балета Article Russian
Lang, Paul Henry, 1901-1991 (author) Melody. Is it dated? Article English
Popov, I. (author)
Shekhonina, Irina Yevgenyevna (author)
Темы Москвы в музыке Article Russian
Rawlinson, Harold (author) Some famous works for string orchestra. Serenade for string orchestra, Op. 48, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Article English
Robertson, M. (author)
Millen, Joyce (illustrator)
The Story of the ballet Swan Lake (Le lac des cygnes) Book English
Scholes, Percy Alfred, 1877-1958 (compiler) Tchaikovsky, Peter Article English
Shostakovich, Dmitry Dmitriyevich, 1906-1975 (author) Thoughts about Tchaikovsky Article English
Weinstock, Herbert, 1905-1971 (author) La vie pathétique de Tchaikovsky Book French
Wolfurt, Kurt von, 1880-1957 (author) Die Sinfonischen Werke von Peter Tschaikowski. Einführungen Book German
Yakovlev, Vasily Vasilyevich, 1880-1957 (author) The Ballets of Tchaikovsky Article English
Yarustovsky, Boris Mikhaylovich, 1911-1978 (author) Operas Article English
Yarustovsky, Boris Mikhaylovich, 1911-1978 (author) Оперная драматургия Чайковского Book Russian
Zhitomirsky, Daniel Vladimirovich, 1906-1992 (author) Symphonies Article English
Eugen Onegin Article English
Russian symphony. Thoughts about Tchaikovsky Book English
Лебединое озеро Book Russian
Наследие великого композитора. Работа над архивом П. И. Чайковского Article Russian
Переписка М. М. Ипполитова-Иванова с П. И. Чайковским (1885-1893) Article Russian
Пиковая дама Book Russian and Ukrainian
Пиковая дама. Краткие пояснения к опере П. И. Чайковского. Сюжет заимствован из одноименной повести А. С. Пушкина. Book Russian
Проект памятника П. И. Чайковскому Article Russian
Черевички Book Russian