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Paul Collin (1844-1915)

French writer and translator (b. 12 July 1843 in Conches; d. 5 February 1915 in Paris).

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

One letter from Tchaikovsky to Paul Collin has survived, dating from 1892, which has been translated into English on this website:

One letter from Collin to the composer, dating from 1892, is preserved in the Klin House-Museum Archive.

Tchaikovsky's Settings of Works by Collin

When composing his Six French Songs, Op. 65 in 1888, Tchaikovsky set three poems from Collin's cycle Melodies, published in 1878: Déception (No. 2 in the set of songs), Sérénade (No. 3) and Rondel (No. 6). The text of Qu'importe que l'hiver (No. 4) comes from the untitled fourth poem in Collin's cycle Poème d'Octobre, also published in 1878.

The composer's sketches show that he also considered, but ultimately rejected, six other poems by Collin – Prière, Rondel à Madame I. Triery, Rondel d'automne, À la mémoire de Madame Marie ***, Lamento, and Mai. Short musical sketches exist for the two last poems.