Gabriel Fauré

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Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)

French composer, organist, pianist and teacher (b. 12 May 1845 at Pamiers; d. 4 November 1924 in Paris), born Gabriel Urbain Fauré.

Tchaikovsky and Fauré

Tchaikovsky seems to have met Fauré for the first time during his stay in Paris in June 1886, and they met again in Paris in March–April 1889 [1]. As Gerald Norris has observed, "Fauré deeply admired his Russian colleague, and presented him with signed copies of his First and Second Piano Quartets, the latter being inscribed 'To my dear master and friend P. Tchaikovsky from his affectionately devoted Gabriel Fauré'" [2].

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

It is possible that one letter to an unidentified male correspondent (Letter 3824b, written on 20 March/1 April 1889 in Paris) may have been addressed by Tchaikovsky to Gabriel Fauré, but no others have so far come to light. No letters from Fauré to Tchaikovsky appear to have survived.

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