Konstantin Aksakov

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Konstantin Aksakov (1817-1860)

Russian poet, literary critic, historian and linguist (b. 29 March/10 April 1817 at Novo-Aksakov; d. 7/19 December 1860 at Zakynthos), born Konstantin Sergeyevich Aksakov (Константин Сергеевич Аксаков).

Tchaikovsky's Settings of Works by Aksakov

Aksakov's 1836 poem An Mariechen (To Little Marie) was set by Tchaikovsky in 1881 as Child's Song, and later republished as No. 16 (My Lizochek) in the Sixteen Songs for Children, Op. 54 (1883).

A Russian translation of Friedrich Schiller's 1785 German poem An die Freude (To Joy), made in 1843 by Aksakov with Vladimir Benediktov (1807–1873), and Mikhail Dmitriyev (1796–1866), was used by Tchaikovsky in his cantata Ode to Joy (1865).

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