Letter 3486b

Tchaikovsky Research
Date 28 January/9 February 1888
Addressed to Désirée Artôt-Padilla
Where written Berlin
Language French
Autograph Location unknown [1]
Publication Tschaikowsky-Gesellschaft Mitteilungen, Heft 22 (2015), p. 113 (excerpts only, with German translation)

Text and Translation

This incomplete text is based on the excerpts published in Stargardt's 1968 auction catalogue [2], which may contain differences in formatting and content from Tchaikovsky's original letter.

French text
English translation
By Brett Langston
Chère et bonne Madame [!]

Merci, merci mille fois [...] pour Vos bonnes lignes et pour les expressions amicales qu'elle contient. Vous ne sauriez croire, combien j'ai été heureux de Vous revoir, de Vous entendre, d'avoir été chez Vous! Je veux croire que ce n'est pas la dernière fois que le sort m'ait été propice et que l'hiver prochain je Vous verrai encore et plus souvent [...]

Je me mets à Vos pieds [...]

Dear and kind Madame [!]

Thank you, thank you a thousand times [...] for your kind lines and for the friendly sentiments that they contained. You cannot imagine how happy I was to have seen you again, to have heard you, and to have been to your home! I want to believe that this will not be the last time that fate has been propitious and that next winter I shall see you again and more frequently [...]

I place myself at your feet [...]

Notes and References

  1. The autograph was sold at auction in 1968 at Marburg by J. A. Stargardt.
  2. J A. Startgardt, Katalog 586. Der Autographensammler. Neue Folge (Marburg, 1968), Lot 179.