Nikolay Ogaryov

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Nikolay Ogaryov (1813-1877)

Russian poet, writer and revolutionary (b. 28 November/10 December 1813 in Saint Petersburg; d. 12 June [N.S.] 1877 in Greenwich, London), born Nikolay Platonovich Ogaryov (Николай Платонович Огарёв) [1].

Tchaikovsky's Settings of Works by Ogaryov

Ogaryov's poem At Bedtime (На сон грядущий), probably written in the early 1840s, was used by Tchaikovsky in his student chorus At Bedtime (1863/64), and in the song of the same name as No. 1 of the Six Romances and Songs, Op. 27 (1875).

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Notes and References

  1. Sometimes transliterated as "Ogarev".