Vasily Prokunin

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Russian composer (b. 16/28 January 1848 in Sosnovka, near Tambov; d. 1/14 May 1910), born Vasily Pavlovich Prokunin (Василий Павлович Прокунин).

Prokunin is best remembered for his collections of Russian folksongs, which he began to compile while he was in Tchaikovsky's class at the Moscow Conservatory in the early 1870s. Tchaikovsky revised and edited Prokunin's first collection of 65 Russian Folksongs in 1872 and 1873.

Tchaikovsky's arrangements of works by Vasily Prokunin

  • 65 Russian Folksongs, TH 183 (1872–73) — collected by Prokunin, revised and edited by Tchaikovsky