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Samara (Самара) is a Russian city on the east bank of the Volga river, and is the administrative centre of Samara oblast (Самарская область). From 1935 to 1990 it was known as Kuybyshev (Куйбышев).

During Tchaikovsky's lifetime the city was the centre of the Samara district (Самарский уезд), and Samara province (Самарская губерния) in the Russian Empire.

Tchaikovsky in Samara

Tchaikovsky visited Samara on 23 May/4 June 1887, during his steamship journey down the Volga river. He found that the day before there had been a performance of his opera Yevgeny Onegin in the city.

He visited the city's ecumenical church, where there was "distinctive singing (which pleased me very much, because it did not have the usual narrative bass, as we have)" [1].

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Notes and References

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