Letter 2

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Date 1848
Addressed to Frederika Dürbach
Where written Votkinsk
Language French
Autograph Location Saint Petersburg (Russia): National Library of Russia (ф. 834, ед. хр. 2, л. 1–2)
Publication П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том V (1959), p. 4

Text and Translation

Spelling and punctuation errors in the original text have not been indicated.

French text
English translation
By Alex Guster

Quolque je ne vous ne connait pas vrément, mais je vous ecrit une lettre parceque vous étes la soeur de Mademoiselle Fanny. J'ai écrit une lettre à Mademoiselle Adel l'ami de Mademoiselle Fanny. Je connait votre nom Frédérique votre familie Durbach.

Mademoiselle veut vous ecrire des verses sur ma Patrie.

Adieu Mademoiselle,

Pierre de Tchaikowsky


Although I do not know you personally, I am writing you a letter because you are Mademoiselle Fanny's sister. I have written a letter to Miss Adele [1], a friend of Mademoiselle Fanny. I know your name is Frédérique, your family Durbach.

Mademoiselle, would you like to write verses about my homeland?

Goodbye Mademoiselle,

Pierre de Tschaikowsky

Notes and References

  1. This letter has not survived.