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Batumi (ბათუმი), formerly Batum (Батум) is a resort on the Black Sea coast, and capital of the autonomous republic of Ajaria, in southwest Georgia.

Prior to the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78, it formed part of Lazistan sanjak in the Trabzon province of the Ottoman Empire.

However, the city and its surroundings were ceded to the Russian Empire in 1878 to form Batum oblast (Батумская область), which was incorporated into Kutais province (Кутаисская губерния) in 1883.

Tchaikovsky in Batum

Tchaikovsky stayed briefly in Batum on three occasions:

From Until Notes
29 April/11 May 1886 30 April/12 May 1886 Travelling with his servant Aleksey Sofronov, before embarking on a steamship cruise from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean.
6/18 July 1887 7/18 July 1887 En route from Borzhom to Feodosiya. "Compared with last year it has taken a turn for the worse. The merchants behind their stalls appear very gloomy" [1].
11/23 April 1889 12/24 April 1889 Travelling from Constantinople to Tiflis.

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Notes and References

  1. Letter 3285 to Modest Tchaikovsky, 8/20–9/21 July 1887.