Ivan Samarin

Ivan Samarin (1817-1885)

Russian dramatic actor, and theatrical teacher (b. 7/19 January 1817 in Saint Petersburg; d. 13/25 November 1885), born Ivan Vasilyevich Samarin (Иван Васильевич Самарин).

Born to a poor family, Samarin made his stage debut in 1832 while still a student at the Moscow Theatrical School. He went on to have a long and distinguished career at the Maly Theatre in Moscow (1837–1885). He was also professor of drama classes at the Moscow Conservatory, where he directed a student production of Tchaikovsky's opera Yevgeny Onegin in 1879,

In 1884 Tchaikovsky wrote an entr'acte for string orchestra entitled A Grateful Greeting as part of the celebrations for Samarin's 50th year as an artist. After the actor's death this was published under the title Elegy.

Tchaikovsky's Works Dedicated to Ivan Samarin

  • Elegy ("A Grateful Greeting"), for string orchestra (1884).