Ivan Surikov

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Ivan Surikov (1841-1880)

Russian poet (b. 25 March/6 April 1841 at Uglich; d. 24 April/6 May 1880 in Moscow), born Ivan Zakharovich Surikov (Иван Захарович Суриков).

Tchaikovsky's Settings of Works by Surikov

Three of Tchaikovsky's Six Duets, Op. 46 (1880) were settings of poems by Surikov:

  • No. 1, Evening (Вечер), from the poems The Sun Has Set (Солнце утомилось) and In the Still Air (В воздухе смолкает) (1864–66).
  • No. 4, In the Garden, By the Ford (В огороде, возле броду), from Surikov's Song—from T. Shevchenko (Песнь—из Т. Шевченко) (ca. 1869) — a translation from the Ukrainian poem In the Garden, By the Ford (Но вгородi коло броду) (1848) by Taras Shevchenko (1814–1861).
  • No. 6, Dawn (Рассвет), from an untitled poem (1864–65).

Was I Not a Little Blade of Grass in the Meadow? (Я ли в поле да не травушка была?), No. 7 of Tchaikovsky's Seven Romances, Op. 47, is set to Surikov's poem Little-Russian Melody (Малороссийская мелодия) (1870).

The words of The Swallow (Ласточка), No. 15 of the Sixteen Songs for Children, Op. 54 (1883) are taken from Surikov's poem of the same name (1872) which was a translation from the Polish of Jaskółka (1853) by Teofil Lenartowicz (1822–1893).


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