Letter 3949

Tchaikovsky Research
Date 4/16 October 1889
Addressed to Adolph Brodsky
Where written Moscow
Language Russian
Autograph Location Manchester (England): Royal Northern College of Music, The Library
Publication П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том XV-А (1976), p. 192
Воспоминания о русском доме (2006), p. 133–134

Text and Translation

Russian text
English translation
By Luis Sundkvist
Москва 4 окт[ября 18]89
Пречистенка, Троицкий переулок
, № 6

Милый друг!

Пабст будет играть квинтет Рубинштейна, op. 99; Танеев — моё трио. Зилоти и Сафонов ещё не решили, но как только сообщат мне решение, я тебя уведомлю. Когда ты приедешь? С нетерпением тебя ожидаю. Вместе ли с тобой приедут остальные члены квартета? Нужно ли заказать помещение? Сколько комнат? В каком отеле?

Что ты думаешь играть во второй части концерта? Не сыграть ли тебе что-нибудь для одной скрипки? Говорю это оттого, что не хотелось бы тащить без особенной надобности фортепиано. Впрочем, как хочешь.

Голоса твои я с большим трудом выручил самолично в Петербурге. Утверждали, что их нет; я велел принести мне те, которые они считали своими, и без труда нашёл твои, перемешанные с ихними.

Отвечай сейчас же!

Обнимаю тебя.

П. Чайковский

Moscow, 4 October 1889
Prechistenka, Troitsky Lane
, No. 6

Dear friend!

Pabst is going to play Rubinstein's quintet, op. 99; Taneyev, my trio. Ziloti and Safonov haven't made up their minds yet, but as soon as they notify me of their decision, I shall let you know [1]. When are you arriving? I am awaiting you impatiently. Will the other members of the quartet also be arriving at the same time as you? Is it necessary to book accommodation? How many rooms? In which hotel?

What are you intending to play in the second half of the concert?[2] What do you say about playing something for solo violin? I say this because I wouldn't want to have a piano dragged onto the podium unless it really were necessary. Anyway, let it be as you wish.

With great effort I managed by myself to recover your parts in Petersburg [3]. They claimed that they didn't have them, but then I ordered them to bring me those parts which they considered to be theirs, and I easily found yours mixed up with theirs.

Answer immediately!

I embrace you.

P. Tchaikovsky

Notes and References

  1. Earlier that summer Tchaikovsky and Adolph Brodsky had been corresponding with regard to the invitation which the Russian Musical Society had extended to the "Leipzig Quartet" (Brodsky, first violin; Hans Becker, second violin; Ottokar Nováček, viola; and Julius Klengel, cello) to come to Moscow and give a series of performances during the forthcoming 1889/90 concert season. It had been agreed that they would play in Moscow on 31 October/12 November, 3/15, 7/19, and 10/22 November 1889. The RMS's board of directors had also decided that the quartet would share share the evening with a pianist on each of those four occasions. The pianists in question were: Aleksandr Ziloti, Paul Pabst, Vasily Safonov, and Sergey Taneyev.
  2. Brodsky had also been engaged to appear as the soloist at the RMS symphonic concert in Moscow on 28 October/9 November 1889 which Tchaikovsky was due to conduct. The programme of this concert featured a symphony in D major by Mozart, Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, two dances from Mozart's opera Idomeneo, the first performance of the overture to Taneyev's opera Oresteia, an Adagio for solo violin by Spohr, a Spanish Dance for solo violin by Sarasate, and Glinka's Jota aragonesa.
  3. In a letter to Tchaikovsky from Kerch (in Crimea) on 29 June/11 July 1889 Brodsky explained that after performing the Violin Concerto at an RMS concert in Saint Petersburg two years earlier (on 31 January/12 February 1887, with Anton Rubinstein conducting) he had left behind his folder with the orchestral parts and the piano reduction of the concerto, and that the RMS staff there had failed to send this folder to him in Leipzig as they had promised. As a result, Brodsky added, he had been unable to perform the concerto ever since then, and he asked Tchaikovsky if he could try to recover the parts in time for the rehearsals for the concert in Moscow on 28 October/9 November 1889. Brodsky's letter has been published in Воспоминания о русском доме (2006), p. 129–130.