Letter 4035

Tchaikovsky Research
Date 14/26 February 1890
Addressed to Pyotr Jurgenson
Where written Florence
Language Russian
Autograph Location Klin (Russia): Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve (a3, No. 2732)
Publication П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том XV-Б (1977), p. 50
Notes Telegram

Text and Translation

The telegram was written in Russian, using the Latin alphabet.

Russian text
English translation
By Brett Langston
Vpolne soglassen, prochou natschat isk protiv teatra Panaiewa [2].

Completely agree, request commence suit against Panayev Theatre [1].

Notes and References

  1. Tchaikovsky was replying to a letter from Pyotr Jurgenson dated 8/20 February 1890, in which the publisher asked permission to take action against an unauthorised production of The Oprichnik by the Jacobson private opera company at the Panayev Theatre in Saint Petersburg.
  2. «Вполне согласен, прошу начать иск против театра Панаева».