Letter 4381a

Tchaikovsky Research
Date 6/18 May 1891
Addressed to Hermann Wolff
Where written Philadelphia
Language French
Autograph Location unknown
Publication Published for the first time on this website, 31 March 2014 [1]
Notes Original dated "16 May 1891"
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Reproduced by kind permission of the owner

Text and Translation

French text
English translation
By Brett Langston
le 16 Mai 1891

Mon cher Mr Wolff!

Je Vous recommande le plus chaudement possible M[ademoise]lle Adèle aus der Ohe qui après 5 ans de triomphes en Amérique, viendront se faire entendre à Berlin et en Europe partout où Vous aurez la comlaisance de lui procurer un engagement. Selon moi, franchement parlant, après la Menter et la Essipoff, c'est certes la premiere pianiste du monde. J'espère que vous lui accorderez votre très puissante protection.

Bien à vous,P. Tschaikovsky

16 May 1891 [2]

My dear Mr Wolff!

I recommend to you as warmly as possible Miss Adele aus der Ohe [3] who after five years of triumphs in America will come to be heard in Berlin and wherever in Europe you have the kindness to procure her an engagement. Speaking frankly, it seems to me that after Menter and Essipoff [4] she is certainly the foremost female pianist in the world. I hope that you will grant her your strongest patronage.

Yours, P. Tschaikovsky

Notes and References

  1. We are most grateful to Herr Heinrich Meischner of Dresden, and Mr LaWayne Leno, for bringing this letter to our attention and permitting its publication.
  2. Tchaikovsky is known to have been in Philadelphia for one day only, 6/18 May, so his original date of "16 May" was presumably an error.
  3. Adele aus der Ohe (1864-1937) accompanied Tchaikovsky on his American tour in 1891, giving performances of his Piano Concerto No. 1 in New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Writing in his diary on 27 April/9 May 1891 after the first occasion, he remarked: "My concerto, in an excellent performance by Adele aus der Ohe, went magnificently. I have never managed to rouse such enthusiasm in Russia" — see Дневники П. И. Чайковского (1873-1891) (1993), p. 277. She would also be a soloist in Tchaikovsky's last ever concert, in Saint Petersburg on 16/28 October 1893.
  4. Sophie Menter (1846-1918) and Anna Yesipova (1851-1914), who were the dedicatees of the printed full score and two-piano arrangement respectively of Tchaikovsky's Concert Fantasia for piano and orchestra, Op. 56.