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Munich (München) is the capital city of state of Bavaria, in southern Germany.

During Tchaikovsky's lifetime the city was the capital of the independent Kingdom of Bavaria until 1871, when it was incorporated into the German Empire.

Tchaikovsky in Munich

Tchaikovsky visited Munich on two occasions:

From Until Notes
late August/early September 1870 late August/early September 1870 While travelling from Interlaken to Vienna during his summer vacation, he visited Munich to spend a day with Prince Aleksey Golitsyn, who was serving in the city's Russian consulate.
7/19 November 1884 9/21 November 1884 Stopping on his way to Iosif Kotek at Davos. His tour of the city included the National Museum, "where there are masses of interesting things" [1].

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Notes and References

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