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Nizy, also known as Nyzy (Низи, Низы) is a town in the Sumy district (Сумський район) of Sumy oblast (Сумська область) in Ukraine.

During Tchaikovsky's lifetime it formed part of the Sumy district (Сумский уезд) in the Kharkov province (Харьковский губерния) of the Russian Empire.

A commemorative museum in honour of Tchaikovsky is now situated at Nizy.

Tchaikovsky at Nizy

During the 1870s Tchaikovsky regularly stayed in Nizy at the family estate of his friend Nikolay Kondratyev, and many of his early compositions were written there.

From Until Notes
early/mid-July 1871 early/mid-August 1871 After this first visit the composer reported he "remained contented by the delightful surroundings and the excellent weather" [1]. He also completed work on his Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony, the preface of which was dated 2/14 August 1871.
6/18 July 1872 16/28 July 1872 Returning the next summer, it is likely that the composer worked on the draft of his Symphony No. 2 while at Nizy.
late May/early June 1873 late May/early June 1873 The composer called at Nizy on his way from Moscow to Kamenka, and caught a severe cold after swimming in a stream.
around 2/14 June 1874 mid/late July 1874 Beginning work on the opera Vakula the Smith.
2/14 July 1875 14/26 July 1875 Starting the instrumentation of the Symphony No. 3, where he completed the Finale and Scherzo on 9/21 July and 13/5 July 1875 respectively, before moving on to Verbovka.
28 May/9 June 1876 31 May/12 June 1876 Spending three days with Nikolay Kondratyev, before continuing to Kiev.
5/17 June 1878 10/22 June 1878 Travelling from Moscow with his brother Anatoly, en route to see their sister Aleksandra at Kamenka.
8/20 August 1878 10/22 August 1878 Accompanied by his brother Modest, before travelling on alone to Brailov.
22 June/4 July 1879 8/20 July 1879 To attend his old friend Nikolay Bochechkarov, having received news that he was seriously ill with dropsy (he died on 11/25 August).


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  1. Letter 237 to Anatoly Tchaikovsky, 3/15 September 1871.