Olga Nápravník (mother)

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Olga Nápravník (1844-1902)

Russian contralto (b. 14/26 October 1844 in Saint Petersburg; died 31 March/13 April 1902 in Saint Petersburg); born Olga Eduardovna Schröder (Ольга Эдвардовна Шрëдер); known after her marriage as Olga Eduardovna Nápravník (Ольга Эдвардовна Направник).

While working as an opera artist with the Imperial Theatres, she married her husband, the conductor Eduard Nápravník (1839–1916) in the late 1860s, and had five children: Aleksandr ("Sasha") (1866-1939), Vladimir ("Volodya") (1869–1948), Olga (1870–1920), Varvara (1873–1942), and Konstantin (1874-1911). Tchaikovsky was on friendly terms with the whole Nápravník family, and often visited and corresponded with them.

Correspondence with Olga Nápravník

4 letters from Tchaikovsky to Olga Nápravník have survived, dating from 1886 to 1893, all of which have been translated into English on this website:

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