Waltz in E major

Tchaikovsky Research

This undated musical sketch (TH 252 ; ČW 482) [1], discovered by Sergey Taneyev in Tchaikovsky's papers after his death, comprises a note of a theme in E major (18 bars), entitled "Valse", with an indication of a solo part for cello (the accompaniment is only written out for the first five bars) [2]. There are no other references to this project, which could have been intended as a chamber piece for cello with piano accompaniment, or as an orchestral work (possibly in connection with Tchaikovsky's projected Cello Concerto).

The same manuscript contains a collection of various musical ideas (TH 253), some of which are noted down on the reverse of the waltz, and therefore likely date from around the same time, and were perhaps intended for the same work [3].

Notes and References

  1. Entitled Valse in TH.
  2. Published in facsimile in Polina Vaidman, Творческий архив П. И. Чайковского (1988), p. 424.
  3. Two of these themes (in E-flat major and C minor) have been published in Aleksandr Nikolayev, Фортепьянное наследие Чайковского (1958), p. 75.