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Tchaikovsky Research
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ContributorsKorabelnikova, Lyudmila Zinovyeva, 1930- (author)
Keldysh, Yury Vsevolodovich, 1907-1995 (editor)
TitleМузыкальное образование
InИстория русской музыки в десяти томах. Том 8:70-80-е годы XIX века. Часть 2
PublishedMoscow : Музыка, 1994
Extent(p. 408-443)
Standard No.ISBN 5714005880
NotesOn musical training in Russia during the 1870s and 1880s, including Tchaikovsky's role at the Moscow Conservatory
TranslationsGerman translation as Die Musikausbildung in Russland in den 1870er und 1880er Jahren (2003)