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Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in the state of Hesse (Hessen), Germany.

During Tchaikovsky's lifetime it was part of the Grand Duchy of Hesse until 1868, the Hesse-Nassau Province of the Kingdom of Prussia from 1868, and part of the German Empire from 1871.

Tchaikovsky in Frankfurt am Main

Tchaikovsky visited Frankfurt am Main from 1/13 February to 4/16 February 1889, in order to conduct his Suite No. 3 at a "Museum-Konzert" (on 3/15 February). The overture The Year 1812 had also been included on the programme, but was dropped at rehearsals due to its unfavourable reception by the orchestra. However, the suite received "a genuine ovation, that was all the more astonishing as the public there are very cold, and love only the classicists and Brahms" [1].


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Notes and References

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