Stanisław Barcewicz

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Polish violinist and conductor (b. 16/28 April 1858 in Warsaw; d. 1 September 1929 in Warsaw).

He studied under Ferdinand Laub and Jan Hřímalý at the Moscow Conservatory, where he also attended Tchaikovsky's composition class in 1875–76. From 1885 he was a professor (and director from 1910 to 1919) of the Warsaw Academy of Music. From 1893 he was also director of the Warsaw Opera-House (Teatr wielki) where he had previously been the orchestra's concertmaster.

Tchaikovsky heard Barcewicz play Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, under Nikolay Rubinstein's direction, at a Russian Musical Society concert in Moscow on 25 January/6 February 1875. In his capacity as music critic for the Russian Register, Tchaikovsky wrote:

The hero of the evening was Mr Barcewicz, a young man aged just 17, who played for us Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto with the aplomb, confidence, fire, and strength of a seasoned virtuoso. If at any point during his performance we were reminded of this talented virtuoso's incredibly young age, that was only in the Andante, where Mr Barcewicz did not show sufficient breadth of tone, majestic calm, and self-command. The first movement and the Finale, on the other hand, he performed not merely faultlessly, but with real brilliancy, precision, and heartfelt inspiration. The audience welcomed this young virtuoso with great warmth, for he really does show tremendous promise and deserves every possible encouragement.[1]

Barcewicz later participated in several notable performances of Tchaikovsky's works:

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