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Saint Petersburg (Санкт-Петербург), or St. Petersburg is the second-largest city of the Russian Federation.

Until 1918 it was the capital city of the Russian Empire, known from 1914 to 1924 as Petrograd (Петроград) and from 1924 to 1991 as Leningrad (Ленинград).

Tchaikovsky in Saint Petersburg

The Tchaikovsky family moved to Saint Petersburg from November 1848 to May 1849, before removing to Alapayevsk. However, Tchaikovsky returned to the capital in 1850 when he was enrolled at the Imperial School of Jurisprudence, and lived in the city until he moved to Moscow in January 1866. His main addresses were as follows:

From Until Notes
November 1848 May 1849 Living with his parents at Vasilyevsky Island after moving from Votkinsk. During this period, the composer and his older brother Nikolay attended the Schmelling Boarding School at 14 Bolshoy Prospekt. In May 1849, the family moved to Alapayevsk.
August 1850 May 1852 At the preparatory classes for the Imperial School of Jurisprudence.
May 1852 April 1853 Staying with his aunt Yekaterina Alekseyeva, at 1 Kosoy Lane.
April 1853 May 1859 Boarding at the Imperial School of Jurisprudence, 6/2 Fontanka River Embankment. During the holidays Tchaikovsky stayed with his father at Vasilyevsky Island.
3/15 June 1859 May 1863 Working as a clerk at the Ministry of Justice, 1–3 Malaya Sadovaya Street.
September 1863 January 1866 Studying at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, at Demidov's House, Demidov Lane (now demolished).

Tchaikovsky never again lived permanently in Saint Petersburg, but often stayed with friends and at hotel accommodation in the city from time to time. He also died in Saint Petersburg on 25 October/6 November 1893, at the apartment of his brother Modest at 13 Malaya Morskaya Street. The table below summarises the addresses in the city where he lived or visited.

Years The place's renter or owner The address of the time Modern address Building's current condition
1848–1849 Aleksandra and Ilya Tchaikovsky's apartment Vasilyevsky Island, near the Exchange, Menyayev's House Birzhevaya Line, 18/2 (Биржевая линия, 18/2) Overbuilt
1848 Schmelling's boarding school 16 Bolshoy Avenue of Peterburgskaya Side Bolshoy Avenue, Petrogradskaya Side, 14 (Большой проспект Петроградской стороны, 14) Preserved
1850–1893 Aleksandrinsky Theatre 2 Aleksandrinskaya Square 2 Ostrovsky Square (Площадь Островского, 2) Preserved
1852–1853 Aleksandra and Ilya Tchaikovsky's apartment 41 Sergiyevskaya Street 41 Tchaikovsky Street (Улица Чайковского, 41) Preserved
1852–1859 Imperial School of Jurisprudence 6/2 Fontanka River Embankment 6/2 Fontanka River Embankment (Набережная реки Фонтанки, 6/2), corner of Tchaikovsky Street (Улица Чайковского) Preserved, rebuilt in 1893–1896
1851 Platon Vakar's dacha, Markovy's mansion Nadino village Nadino, 5 km from Shapki station in the Tosnensky District of Leningrad Oblast Preserved
1850–1886 Bolshoy Kamenny Theatre 3 Teatralnaya Square 3 Teatralnaya Square (Театральная площадь, 3) Rebuilt (now occupied by the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory)
1850–1860s His aunt Yekaterina Alekseyeva's apartment Corner of Fontanka Embankment and Kosoy Lane 1 Kosoy Lane (Косой переулок, 1) Preserved
1853–1854 Aleksandra and Ilya Tchaikovsky's apartment 6 Solianoy Lane, A. Leshcheva's House by the Empty Market 6 Solyanoy Lane (Соляной переулок, 6) Preserved
1854 and 1858 His aunt Yelizaveta Schobert's apartment Vasilyevsky Island, 2nd Line, Schiele's House Vasilyevsky Island, 45 2nd Line (Васильевский остров, 2-я линия, 45) Preserved
1854–1855 (autumn) Ilya and his brother Pyotr Tchaikovsky's joint apartment Vasilyevsky Island, corner of Sredny Avenue and Kadetskaya Line, Osterlov's House Vasilyevsky Island corner of 10 Sredny Avenue, and 25 Kadetskaya Line (Васильевский остров, угол Среднего проспекта, 10 и Кадетской линии, 25) Preserved
1855–1858 Ilya Tchaikovsky's apartment Vasilyevsky Island, 8th Line, Zabolotsky-Desiatovsky's House, apt. 27 Vasilyevsky Island, 39 8th Line, apt. 31 (Васильевский остров, 8-я линия, 39, кв. 31) Preserved. Reconstructed inside
1855–1865 Mikhaylovsky Theatre 1 Mikhaylovskaya Square 1 Iskusstv Square (Площадь Искусств, 1) Preserved
1858–1863 Technological Institute Zagorodny Avenue, professorial building, principal's apartment. 49 Zagorodny Avenue (Загородный проспект, 49) Preserved. Reconstructed inside
1859–1862 Ministry of Justice 1–3 Malaya Sadovaya Street, Italyanskaya's corner 1–3 Malaya Sadovaya Street (Малая Садовая, 1–3) Preserved
1859–1860 Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace Nevsky Prospect, corner with Fontanka River Embankment 41 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект, 41) Preserved
1859, 1860, 1866 Galov's dacha, Miatlev's dacha Novo-Znamenka, 17th verst Peterhof (Petergofskaya) road 13 Chekistov Street (Улица Чекистов, 13) Preserved
1860–1861 Music classrooms of the Russian Music Society Mikhaylovskaya Square, Mikhaylovsky Palace Iskusstv Square, Russian Museum—left wing (Площадь Искусств, Русский музей—левое крыло) Preserved
1860–1893 Mariinsky Theatre 1 Theatre Square 1 Theatre Square (Театральная площадь, 1) Preserved
1862–1866 Saint Petersburg Conservatory Corner of Demidov Lane and Moyka River Embankment, Demidov's House Section of 1 Grivtsova Lane (Участок дома № 1 по переулку Гривцова) Lost (now occupied by the Electroradio-avtomatika Joint-Stock Company)
1863–1865 Ilya Tchaikovsky's apartment 16 Leshtukov (Lestokov) Lane 16 Dzhambula Lane (Переулок Джамбула, 16) Preserved
1860s Saint Peter's Lutheran Church Nevsky Prospect 22–24 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект между домами 22 и 24) Preserved. Reconstructed inside
autumn 1865 Pyotr Tchaikovsky's room Moyka River Embankment, Prince A. V. Golytsyn's House Section of 92 Moyka River Embankment (Набережная реки Мойки, участок дома № 92) Lost
1865 Yelizaveta Schobert's furnished apartment (boarding house) 11 Panteleymonovskaya Street, Zaremba's House 11 Pestelya Street (Улица Пестеля, 11) Half of the building is intact. The other one was destroyed by a direct hit of a shell during the Siege of Leningrad.
1865 Composer Aleksandr Serov's apartment 29 Ofitserskaya Street, Markelov's House 29 Decembrist Street (Улица Декабристов, 29) Preserved
1866–1868 Ilya Tchaikovsky's apartment 7 Kirochnaya Street, apartment 6 7 Kirochnaya Street, apt. 6 (Кирочная улица, 7, кв. 6) Preserved
October 1865– January 1866 Aleksey Apukhtin's apartment Corner of Karavannaya Street and Italyanskaya Street, Frolov's House 18 Karavannaya Street (Караванная улица, 18) Preserved
1868 Mariya Begicheva's apartment 21 Fontanka River Embankment 25 Fontanka River Embankment (Набережная реки Фонтанки, 25) Overbuilt
1865–1877 Mily Balakirev's apartment 84 Nevsky Prospect, Benardaky's House (outhouse) 84 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект, 84) Preserved
From 1867 Lyudmila Shestakova's apartment Gagarinskaya Street, Olsuf'ev's House 30 Gagarinskaya Street (Гагаринская улица, 30) Preserved
1870s to 1880 Yelizaveta and Ilya Tchaikovsky's apartment Corner of Mogilevskaya Street, 7 and Kanonerskaya Street 7 Lermontov Avenue (Лермонтовский проспект, 7) Preserved
1870s Vasily Bessel & Co. (music shop and publishing house) 58 Nevsky Prospect 58 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект, 58) Preserved in a slightly changed form
1872–1883 Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov's apartment 25 Furshtatskaya Street, apt. 9 Section of 33 Furshtatskaya Street (Фурштатская улица, участок дома № 33) Lost
1870s Nuvellist magazine's editorial office 10 Nevsky Prospect 10 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект, 10) Preserved
1874 "Victoria" Hotel 29 Kazanskaya Street 29 Kazanskaya Street (Казанская улица, 29) Preserved
1877 Yevropeyskaya (European) Hotel Mikhaylovskaya Street, corner with Nevsky Prospect 1/7 Mikhaylovskaya Street (Михайловская улица, 1/7) Rebuilt (now "Grand Hotel Europe")
1877 Dagmar Hotel 9 Bolshaya Sadovaya Street 9 Sadovaya Street (Садовая улица, 9) Preserved
1878 Palkin Restaurant 47 Nevsky Prospect 47 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект, 47) Preserved, slightly reconstructed
1878 Anatoly Tchaikovsky's apartment Corner of Nevsky Prospect and Novaya Avenue, 79/2 Corner of Nevsky Prospect Pushkinskaya Street, 79/2 (Угол Невского проспекта и Пушкинской улицы, дом 79/2) Preserved
1879 Anatoly Tchaikovsky''s apartment 4 Nadezhdinskaya Street 4 Mayakovsky Street (Улица Маяковского, 4) Preserved. Reconstructed inside
1879 Assembly of the Nobility 15 Nevsky Prospect 15 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект, 15) Preserved, slightly reconstructed
1880 Saint Petrischule (a German school under Saint Peter's Lutheran Church) 22–24 Nevsky Prospect (outhouse), or entrance from 10 Bolshaya Konyushennaya 22–24 Nevsky Prospect Невский проспект, 22–24) or 10 Bolshaya Konyushennaya (Большая Конюшенная,10) Preserved with alterations
1880 Mariya Vasilchikova's apartment 12 Dvortsovaya Embankment 12 Dvortsovaya Embankment (Дворцовая набережная, 12) Preserved
1881–1883 Nikolay Konradi and Modest Tchaikovsky's apartment 28 Fontanka River Embankment, Orzhevsky's House 28 Fontanka River Embankment (Фонтанка, 28) Preserved
1881–1882 Amaliya Litke's apartment Corner of Ofitserskaya St, 60 and Anglysky Avenue, P. I. Kol'tsov's House 60 Decembrist Street, corner with Maklina Avenue (Улица Декабристов, 60, угол проспекта Маклина) Preserved
From 1882 Mily Balakirev's apartment 7 Kolomenskaya Street, apt. 7 7 Kolomenskaya Street, apt. 7 (Коломенская улица, 7, кв.7) Preserved
1883 Nikolay Konradi and Modest Tchaikovsky's apartment 15 Fontanka River Embankment, corner with Italyanskaya Street, Princess Urusova's House 19 Fontanka River Embankment, corner with Italyanskaya Street (Набережная реки Фонтанки, 19, угол Итальянской улицы) Overbuilt
From 1883 Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov's apartment 18/2 Vladimirsky Avenue, corner with Kolokolnaya Street 18/2 Vladimirsky Avenue, corner with Kolokolnaya Street (Владимирский проспект, 18/2, угол Колокольной улицы) Overbuilt
1884 Aleksandr Glazunov's apartment 8/10 Kazanskaya Street 8/10 Kazanskaya Street (Казанская улица, дом 8/10) Overbuilt
1886–1888 Emiliya Pavlovskaya's apartment Yekaterininsky Canal, by Lviny (Lion's) Bridge 99 Griboyedova Canal (Канал Грибоедова, 99) Preserved
1886 Olga and Nikolay Tchaikovsky's apartment 9/31 Kryukov Canal, Sterligov's House by Torgovy Bridge 11/43 Kryukov Canal (Крюков канал, 11/43) Preserved
1886,1893 Kononov's Hall (formerly Ruadze's) Moyka River Embankment, corner with Kirpichny Lane, 1st Admiralty section 61 Moyka River Embankment (Набережная реки Мойки, 61) Preserved (now occupied by Saint Petersburg State Telecommunications University)
1886 Marius Petipa's apartment 3 Saperny Lane 3 Saperny Lane (Саперный переулок, 3) Preserved
1886 Eduard Nápravník's apartment 6 Kryukov Canal, apt. 72 6 Kryukov Canal, apt. 72 (Крюков канал, дом 6, кв. 72) Preserved
1886 Anton Rubinstein's apartment 27 Troitskaya Street (bel étage) 27 Rubinstein Street (Улица Рубинштейна, 27) Preserved
1887 Nikolay Kondratyev's apartment 34 Sergievskaya Street 34 Tchaikovsky Street (Улица Чайковского, 34) Preserved
1887, 1892 "Grand Hotel" 18–20 Malaya Morskaya Street 18–20 Malaya Morskaya Street (Малая Морская, 18–20) Preserved (now occupied by OAO "Giprorybflot")
1888–1892 Nikolay Konradi and Modest Tchaikovsky's apartment 24 Fontanka River Embankment, N. I. Yaf's House 24 Fontanka River Embankment (Набережная реки Фонтанки, 24) Preserved
1880s Concert tour agent Yakov Tset's apartment 40 Moyka River Embankment 40 Moyka River Embankment (Набережная реки Мойки, 40) Preserved
1889 Demoute's Traktir (now Medved Restaurant) 27 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street 27 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street (Большая Конюшенная улица, 27) Preserved
1890, 1893 Herman Laroche's apartment 10 Admiralty Embankment, N. O. Rukavishnikova's House 10 Admiralty Embankment, apt. 10 and 31. (Адмиралтейская набережная, 10, кв. 10 и 31) Preserved
1890 Medea and Nikolay Figner's apartment 25 Moyka River Embankment 25 Moyka River Embankment (Набережная реки Мойки, 25) Preserved
1890 Mitrofan Belyayev's apartment 50 Nikolayevskaya Street 50 Marata Street (Улица Марата, 50) Preserved
1890 Rossia Hotel 58–60 Moyka River Embankment 58–60 Moyka River Embankment (Набережная реки Мойки, 58–60) Preserved
1890 Conservatory Directorate 1–3 Teatralnaya Street 1–3 Zodchego Rossi Street (Улица Зодчего Росси, 1–3) Preserved
1892 "Aquarium" entertainment theatre-garden 10 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue 10 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue (Каменноостровский проспект, 10) Rebuilt (now occupied by "Lenfilm" movie studios)
1893 Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov's apartment 11 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street (Chapel's building) 11 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street (Большая Конюшенная улица, 11) Rebuilt
1893 Anna Merkling's apartment 14 Panteleymonovskaya Street 14 Pestelya Street (Улица Пестеля, 14) Rebuilt
1893 Aleksey Apukhtin's apartment 26 Millionnaya Street 26 Millionnaya Street (Миллионная улица, 26) Preserved
1893 Assembly of the Nobility Mikhaylovskaya Square 2 Mikhaylovskaya Street, Iskusstv Square (Михайловская улица, 2. Площадь Искусств) Preserved (now occupied by Shostakovich Philharmonic Hall)
1893 Leiner's Restaurant 18 Nevsky Prospect 18 Nevsky Prospect (Невский проспект, 18) Preserved (now occupied by KFC fast food restaurant)
1893 Vera Butakova's apartment 4 Panteleymonovskaya Street 4 Pestelya Street (Улица Пестеля, 4) Preserved
1893 Modest Tchaikovsky and Vladimir Davydov's apartment Corner of Malaya Morskaya Street, 13 and Gorokhovaya Street, 8, F. I. Rotin's House (Vienna Restaurant) Corner of Malaya Morskaya Street, 13 and Gorokhovaya Street, 8 (Угол Малой Морской 13 и Гороховой, 8) Preserved. The apartment is now divided in two



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