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Volgograd (Волгоград) is a major city on the Volga river, and is the administrative centre of Volgograd oblast (Волгоградская область) in the Russian Federation.

During Tchaikovsky's lifetime the city was known as Tsaritsyn (Царицын), and was part of the Astrakhan province (Астраханская губерния) of the Russian Empire.

Between 1925 and 1961 the city was named Stalingrad (Сталинград).

Tchaikovsky in Tsaritsyn

Tchaikovsky passed through Tsaritsyn on 24 May/5 June 1887, during his steamship journey down the Volga river. "This city was not pleasant, and somehow very odd! For example, in the middle of a huge deserted unpaved area, in which one's feet sink in the sand, there is suddenly an enormous house in the Viennese style!" [1].

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