Aleksandr Tarnavich

Priest at Kamenka (b. 1834), born Aleksandr Danilovich Tarnavich (Александр Данилович Тарнавич).

Tchaikovsky came to know Tarnavich through his regular visits to see his sister Aleksandra's family at Kamenka in the Ukraine. Tarnavich was a self-taught violinist and enthusiastic amateur musician, and the two men both shared a love of literature. Tchaikovsky helped Tarnavich's two daughters to enter the Moscow Conservatory, and arranged inexpensive student accommodation for them. The composer also consulted Tarnavich when writing his sacred choral works, such as the All-Night Vigil, Op. 52 (1881–82).

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

9 letters from Tchaikovsky to Aleksandr Tarnavich have survived, dating from 1881 to 1884:

9 letters from Aleksandr Tarnavich to the composer, dating from 1881 to 1884, are preserved in the Klin House-Museum Archive,