Eduard Langer

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Eduard Langer (1835-1905)

Russian pianist and teacher (b. 21 April/3 May 1835 in Moscow; d. 24 April/7 May 1905 in Moscow), born Eduard Leopoldovich Langer (Эдуард Леопольдович Лангер); also known as Eduard Leontyevich Langer (Эдуард Леонтьевич Лангер), or Edward Langer.

He was the son of Leopold Langer (1802–1885), a German organist, composer and teacher, who moved to Moscow in the 1820s. In 1860 Eduard began teaching piano classes in Moscow. He joined the staff of the Moscow Conservatory on its opening in 1866 as professor of piano—a position he would hold for the remainder of his life. His students would include Sergey Taneyev, and Tchaikovsky's future wife Antonina Milyukova.

Langer made numerous arrangements of Tchaikovsky's works for piano.


In 1873, Tchaikovsky dedicated his piano piece Capriccioso — No. 5 of the Six Pieces, Op. 19 — "à M. Edouard Langer".

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

2 letters from Tchaikovsky to Eduard Langer have survived, both dating from 1880, of which the one highlighted in bold has been translated into English on this website:

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