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Russian-German pianist (b. 24 May/5 June 1855 in Poltava; d. 3 August 1904 [N.S.] in Berlin), born Ernest Aloizovich Yedlichka (Эрнест Алоизович Едличка) [1].

Son of the composer Alois Jedliczka, he graduated in 1876 from Saint Petersburg State University, before commencing piano studies at the Moscow Conservatory under Nikolay Rubinstein and Karl Klindworth, and was briefly a student in Tchaikovsky's harmony class. From 1879 he taught at the same institution, where his students included Charles Tomlinson Griffes and Bruno Seidler-Winkler.

In 1887 he left Russia for Germany, where he settled in Berlin, serving as music critic for the Allgemeine deutsche Musikzeitung, as well as giving regular concert performances.

During 1889 he had a short correspondence with Tchaikovsky, precipitated by the latter's visit to Germany on a conducting tour.

Correspondence with Tchaikovsky

3 letters from Tchaikovsky to Ernst Jedliczka have survived, dating from 1889, all of which have been translated into English on this website:

3 letters from Jedliczka to the composer, dating from 1889, are preserved in the Klin House-Museum (a4, Nos. 1023–1025) [2].


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Notes and References

  1. After settling in Germany he was generally known as "Ernst", which is the form of his forename used on this website, although as Luis Sundkvist has pointed out, Jedliczka himself continued to refer to himself as "Ernest" following the original Russian form of his name. See Čajkovskijs Briefwechsel mit Ernest Jedliczka (2016), p. 51, note 1.
  2. These letters have all been published in Čajkovskijs Briefwechsel mit Ernest Jedliczka (2016).