Letter 3183

Tchaikovsky Research
Date 14/26 February 1887
Addressed to Sergey Taneyev
Where written Maydanovo
Language Russian
Autograph Location Klin (Russia): Tchaikovsky State Memorial Musical Museum-Reserve (a3, No. 397)
Publication Советская музыка (1937), No. 6, p. 77
П. И. Чайковский. С. И. Танеев. Письма (1951), p. 143–144
П. И. Чайковский. Полное собрание сочинений, том XIV (1974), p. 49–50

Text and Translation

Russian text
English translation
By Brett Langston
14 февр[аля]

Сергей Иванович! Проиграв финальный хор «Черевичек» я усомнился в пригодности его. Он слишком финален; это только конец, предполагающий задолго какое-то начало и какую-то середину между тем и другим. Сам же по себе, не имеющий ни одной модуляции и никакого развития основной мысли, он едва ли годится. Впрочем, как угодно. На обороте выписываю главный голос и слова. Предполагается, что какой-то народ ожидает какого-то князя.

3183 ex1.jpg
3183 ex2.jpg

как в клавираусцуге.

Если Вы всё-таки решите исполнить этот хор, пошлите к Юргенсону за партитурой. Вряд ли поспеют списать голоса!

До свидания, голубчик!

Ваш, П. Чайковский

Пошлите также за клавираусцугом.

14 February

Sergey Ivanovich! I have reservations about the suitability of performing the final chorus from "Cherevichki". It is too final; this is merely the end, presupposing that it's a long way from the start, with something-or-other going on between the two. On its own, it has not a single modulation and no development of the main idea, and it's scarcely fitting. However, do as you please. On the reverse I've written out the main parts and words. It's implied that some people or other are expecting some prince or other.

3183 ex1.jpg
3183 ex2.jpg

as in the piano reduction.

If you decide to perform this chorus all the same, send off to Jurgenson's for the full score. It's unlikely they'll have the parts![1]

Until we meet, golubchik!

Yours, P. Tchaikovsky

Send off for the piano reduction as well.

Notes and References

  1. On 22 February/6 March 1887, Sergey Taneyev conducted a Russian Musical Society charity concert in Moscow, "in aid of poor students in the conservatory, with the exclusive participation of pupils and students", and in a letter which has not survived he asked Tchaikovsky's permission to include the closing chorus from Cherevichki (Act IV, No. 25). The words from this chorus as set out in Tchaikovsky's letter contain some differences from the score of the opera. In the event, Taneyev chose instead to perform extracts from Tchaikovsky's still-unfinished opera The Enchantress at the concert instead of Cherevichki.