Letter 4844a

Date 4/16 January 1893
Addressed to Francesco Berger
Where written Paris
Language German
Autograph Location London (England): The British Library, Manuscripts Division. Manuscripts Division (RPS MS. 366, f.164)
Publication Stanford, the Cambridge Jubilee, and Tchaikovsky (1980), p. 277 (abridged English translation)
Arthur Searle, Music Manuscripts (British Library: London, 1987; reprint 1996), p. 53 (facsimile)
Galina Malinina, По страницам международных конференций научной музыкальной библиотеки им. С. И. Танеева «Русские музыкальные архивы за рубежом». Новые материалы. In: Русские музыкальные архивы за рубежом. Зарубежные музыкальные архивы в России: материалы международных конференций, вып. 3 (Moscow, 2004), p. 47–56 (53–56)
Tchaikovsky Research Bulletin No. 3 (January 2012), p. 2 (with English translation)
Tschaikowsky-Gesellschaft Mitteilungen, Heft 20 (2013), p. 98

Text and Translation

The right-hand edge of the autograph (which is just 1 page long) is slightly damaged, meaning that a few letters at the end of lines are missing. These and other clarifications/corrections to the original German have been inserted in square brackets.

German text
English translation
By Luis Sundkvist
Paris 16 Januar 1893

Verehrter Freund!

Ich danke Ihnen herzlich! Also dirigire ich [im] Concert [am] 1en Juni meine 4te Simphonie. (Ich möchte lieber die Programm Simfonie Manfred dirigiren, ab da sie sehr schwehr ist, fürch ich mit 2 Proben damit nich vertig sein.) Die Stimmen werde ich schon [?] besorgen.

Herzlichste Grüsse!

P. Tschaïkovsky

Bald gehe ich zuruck nach Russland
Meine Adresse ist Klin, neben Moskau.

Paris 16 January 1893

Dear friend!

I thank you heartily! So at the concert on 1 June I shall conduct my 4th Symphony. (I would prefer to conduct the programme symphony Manfred, but as that is very difficult, I am afraid that I would not be able to manage it with just two rehearsals). I shall take care of the parts.

Heartiest greetings!

P. Tchaikovsky

I am going back to Russia soon.
My address is: Klin, near Moscow.