Love, Until You Can Love (Dubuque)

Tchaikovsky Research

Love, Until You Can Love (Люби, пока любить ты можесь) was a romance by Aleksandr Dubuque (1868), to words by Aleksey Pleshcheyev (1858), after a short poem by Ferdinand Freiligrath (1810-1876).

Partial sketches for a piano arrangement of Dubuque's romance are preserved among Tchaikovsky's papers in the Klin House-Museum Archive (ČW 445) [1]. It is unclear whether Tchaikovsky's arrangement was intended for solo piano or piano duet, or if it was subsequently completed, and no printed editions have yet come to light.

In 1965 Boleslav Rabinovich published a realization of the unfinished sketches [2].

Notes and References

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