Notes to the "Studies" (Schumann)

Tchaikovsky Research

The Studien für das Pianoforte nach Capricen von Paganini were written in 1832 by Robert Schumann, and published the same year as his "Opus 3" by Friedrich Hofmeister in Leipzig. The score includes a lengthy preface by the author in both German and French.

When in 1868 Pyotr Jurgenson wanted to include the Studies in his complete collection of Schumann's piano music, edited by Nikolay Rubinstein, he commissioned Tchaikovsky to make a Russian translation of the original German preface (TH 332 ; ČW 632) [1]. This duly appeared early the following year [2] as a supplement to the score, which had already been issued [3]. In 1961, the text was included in volume 3Б of Tchaikovsky's Complete Collected Works, edited by Vladimir Protopopov.

Tchaikovsky's manuscript of the translation, which omits the musical examples, is now preserved in the Russian National Museum of Music in Moscow (ф. 88, No. 177) [view].

Notes and References

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