Potpourri on Themes from the Opera 'The Voyevoda'

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The Potpourri (Попурри) for solo piano (TH 128 ; ČW 342), on themes from Tchaikovsky's first opera The Voyevoda was arranged by the composer himself in 1868, but published under a pseudonym.

Movements and Duration

There is one movement: Moderato (F minor, 460 bars), lasting approximately 15 minutes in performance. The following themes from The Voyevoda are used:

  • Bar 1. Overture (main theme)
  • Bar 35. Chorus of Maidens («На море утушка купалася») - Act I, No. 1
  • Bar 50. Bastryukov's Aria («Моя кручина не под сиду») - Act II, No. 2
  • Bar 70. Duet («Даи мне потешиться свободно») - Act I, No. 5
  • Bar 85. The Voyevoda's theme - Act I
  • Bar 124. Finale («Чужая, но сердцем твоя, не чужая») - Act I, No. 9
  • Bar 143. Quartet («Темная ночка») - Act III, No. 9
  • Bar 187. Khorovod («За двором лужок зеленешнек») - Act II, No. 9
  • Bar 226. Duet («Только луна взоидет») - Act II, No. 7
  • Bar 256. Dances of the Chambermaids - Act II, No. 4
  • Bar 290. Marya's Ballad («Ты расскажи, как в тереме высоком») - Act I, No. 2
  • Bar 312. Finale («Размычем мы горе на Матушке Волге») - Act I, No. 9
  • Bar 320. Nedviga's Song («Бесстуыдницы вы, девки, право») - Act I, No. 8
  • Bar 357. Dances of the Chambermaids - Act II, No. 4


No information survives on the origin of this piece, which was presumably intended to promote The Voyevoda, and was published in 1868 under a pseudonym (see below). The Potpourri must date from the latter half of 1868, since it includes the main theme of the opera's overture, which was the last part of the opera to be written (completed on 28 July 1868).


The Potpourri was published by Pyotr Jurgenson in 1868, under the pseudonym "H. Cramer". It was included in volume 51Б of Tchaikovsky's Complete Collected Works (1946), edited by Ivan Shishov.


Tchaikovsky's manuscript score is now preserved in the Russian National Museum of Music in Moscow (ф. 88, No. 7) [view].


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